Makeup Trends Fall-Winter.

1. Skin. The nude makeup and the art of sculpting cheekbones contour takes. They still carry the healthy skin, like you just do sports, with rosy cheeks and flawless skin.

2. Eyes. The dark eyes are still the winning trend in the eye makeup. The eyeliner is essential and applies to medium thickness and stroke stalk end to 50s style. The pastel shade becomes mauve, pink, gold and green. The color, soft key is iridescent, will take on the eyelids. The golden tones on eyes, lips and cheeks. Use it to carve up your patterns and don ́t forget to add in the tear for light. Metal smoked for eyelids at night. Touches of blue shades, charcoal, graphite, mineral and lead flashing will be the tone for the look this fall / winter.

3. Lips. For lips burgundy tone leads to bitten or blurred effect. The pink, nude and gloss effects remain the most used colors. But nude lips, mouths are blurred to qualify them in skin color. The mouth bite effect reappears in red, pink and burgundy.
Let s find a broken finish to simulate a chance result. Returns the color chocolate. Become brown yes, only if lights will carry skin clean and bright.

4. Manicure. From the black (the color black can take all kinds of women) to the versions in gold color, through the eternal nude, takes almost everything. Not to mention the French manicure reinterpreted with rare color pairs as lilacs or roses.