1. Boots. The Star shoe autumn-winter season is the booty, a great option to withstand the cold and be fashionable at the same time. They come in all types:
thin or thick heel, wedge, flat, classic, elegant cut, etc.

2. Boots XXL. For colder days, you can ́t stop using spectacular high boots. This season they return the XXL models taking positions scaled back to the knees and even above them.

3. Oxford shoes. The collections of footwear for female and male are full of shoes inspired by British style, such as the popular Oxford shoes with laces or buckles, Bluchers and moccasins.

4. Dancers tipped and bracelet. This year the classic ballerina return as the perfect alternative to go comfortably complete the casuals and stylish looks. Predominate dancers tip and catching ankle bracelet enabling style legs and be more elegant.

5. High heels. For your more sophisticated or evening outfits, this fall winter 2014- 2015 offers on a wide range of choice. Among all the designs stand shoes with chunky heel, undercuts, the sharp point and a new trend: the crab with heels.

6. Shoes "slip on". In terms of shoes, after the fashion of sneakers and sports come running called "slip on". They form moccasin with a white rather thick rubber sole and are ideal for inclusion in our favorite street style looks. Combine them with skinny jeans, leggings and shirts that are illustrated as fashionable.